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Some of our Geelong Pest Control Services

Posted on March 28, 2015

So what is Pest Control?

In GBS Pest Controls case it is basically the reduction, management or elimination of a species of Insects or rodents, which are perceived as detrimental to a person’s health and property.

Here’s a few Geelong and district pest control services we offer and reasons behind their PESTY status.

Rodents are notorious disease carriers and spreaders, they have been known to contaminate stored foods in homes, restaurants and warehouses with their droppings and urine, rodents are basically incontinent and leave urine trails wherever they travel.
Another problem caused by rodents is damage due to gnawing or chewing, these guys have to gnaw to keep their teeth down as they continually grow, I have personally seen some horrible water damage done to homes due to Rats and mice chewing the new style plastic water pipes that have now replaced the old copper type plumbing. Chewing of electrical wiring has also accounted for many house fires.

Searching for leaky rodent chewed pipes between floors in a Geelong home.

Searching for leaky rodent chewed pipes between floors in a Geelong home.

Spiders come in all shapes, sizes and colours, some harmless, some incredibly venomous, and some are just plain annoying with their constant webbing around our homes.
Red back spiders are an Australian legend, but with that legendary status comes a painful and toxic bite should you accidentally put pressure on their tiny bodies inadvertently.
Whitetail spiders have the nasty knack of hiding in beds and clothing left on floors only to come out biting when you disturb their sleep in your bed or quickly throw that item of clothing on that’s been on the floor.
Their bite has been known to go septic, and in really bad cases, ulcerate and turn into necrosis.

Fleas generally find their way into our homes on our much loved domestic animals such as Dogs and Cats, at the right time of year a very uncomfortable infestation can explode before you know it, so it pays to have the appropriate flea treatments up to date. Given Fleas need blood to survive, cross contamination can occur and disease can be spread.

European Wasps are a nasty Introduced creature that have really made themselves home here in Australia, these horrible creatures sting repeatedly if upset, and its been said that after each bite your sensitivity to them becomes heightened and allergies can develop, many people can and do go into anaphylactic shock

Termites are a homeowners worst nightmare.
These little guys work in huge numbers to eat you out of house and home…literally!
Termites are responsible for over 780 million dollars a year alone in repair costs to homeowners Australia wide, that’s more than the annual fire and flood repair costs combined! Little wonder you can’t get your home insured for termite damage. Annual Termite inspections are a must!

If you are experiencing any problems with any of these pesky little creatures, Contact us at Geelong Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control.