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Looking for end of lease pest control services in Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast areas?

Posted on June 24, 2015

We all love our dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and countless other types of fur babies, let’s face it, they are an important part of the family.

Owning a pet comes with many different types of responsibilities, keeping them fed and watered, insuring all their usual medical needs are kept up to scratch, exercising them and returning the affection that they give to us so unconditionally.

One thing overlooked when owning a pet and leasing a property is the lease agreement animal clause, if you don’t read the agreement, you can find yourself with the unexpected cost of a pest control treatment when vacating the property.

Therefore in the right conditions, you or the next tenant can have a problem, a big itchy, scratchy, uncomfortable problem, and if you have vacated in the cooler months, the next tenant may inherit this problem come summer. We see this all too often here at GBS Pest Control and this is why this pest control requirement is becoming compulsory to all pet owners in leased properties.

So if you need any kind of end of lease pest control services Geelong Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control are your locally owned and operated Pest Control experts, so why not pick up the phone or email us for a free no-obligation Quote today.