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Posted on July 22, 2015

Fred’s Guide to DIY Pest Control

Every new season brings a new pest into or around our homes.

Spring has been known to bring the occasional bee swarm around Fred’s gorgeous cottage garden, but he’s ok with that, his garden depends on bees. He’s also noticed he has started swatting those pesky flies again and seen young spiderlings drifting in on the wind looking for a place to call home….cute….at the moment. Looking out the kitchen window, Fred spots a big flight of winged termite reproductives streaming from a timber retaining wall in the neighbours front yard, he’s heard these guys revel in the warmer more humid weather that spring and summer can bring, but thinks nothing of it because his home is built on concrete stumps, and anyway, that retaining wall is about 30 meters away. All the while blissfully unaware they were heading his way towards a moisture source caused by a leaking shower base.

All this activity and more, intensifies as the days get warmer and warmer.

Summer puts spiders into top gear and Fred starts finding webbing inside and outside of the home. As the spiders weave their intricate webs in an attempt to capture the ever increasing amount of flying insects the warmer weather has brought, he brushes them down, they reappear, he brushes them down, they reappear!! He does this time and time again to no avail, then………….. “Oh no… now it’s bloody ants!” They’re literally coming out of the woodwork and from out of the power points, trailing in lines as thick as his index finger, he sprays them with surface spray, they seem to go for a while, then DOH! they’re back! He then tries the store bought baits, they either take a wide berth, or start feeding on them with no apparent result. “She’ll be right, winters coming they’ll be gone soon” he says to himself, swatting yet another European wasp from his soft drink can as he notices the daughter’s cat scratching madly in the corner…….

Autumn arrives and Fred thinks a reprieve is on the way… wrong, The European wasps have started taking over the family barbecue in huge numbers, they were nowhere near this bad last month. The family can’t dine outside like earlier in summer, the little terrors are quite feisty too, “must do something about that nest I spotted in the compost heap” he mumbles. “Hang on, what’s that scratching in the roof… It can’t be rodents, I threw some ratsack up there last year, nah, it’s probably just the wind.” He turns on the telly to watch the news and there is an ad on for some kind of wiz bang device that you plug in the wall and it keeps every pest known to man at bay and they’re only $40 with a free set of steak knives!! “Gotta get me some of them” he thinks, leaning forward to scratch an itch on his foot. “Crikey!” he yelps as he spots the reason for his itch, about half a dozen huge fleas biting at his ankles, then more leaping from the carpet with a blood lust second to only Count Dracula himself….. Ah well, he thinks to himself, time to flea the cat and get the carpet cleaned, definitely gonna grab that plug in wiz bang wall unit too.

Winter is now apon Fred, he’s cold, he turns on the heater, the house is toasty and warm, the rats gnawing on the electric cabling in the roof think so too, so do the two families of huntsmen and white tails in the wall cavity of the lounge room. The Whitetail family have just sent out a sacrificial scout to see if Fred’s ready with his tin of fly spray…. he was, and fshhhhhh…. he gets him. Problem solved….NOT.

This cycle of “she’ll be right, I’ll do it myself” is quite common in a lot households and this little seasonal story may be a little over the top in regard to the amount of different infestations in the one home. But broken down into reality, even one of these infestations left half exterminated by DIY homeowners could leave you and your family open to any kind of health, safety or economic issue. Thats why if you live anywhere in the Geelong region, its always best to call the Pro’s for pest control Geelong wide.

The horror story continues……

The following year Fred’s just finished renovating the lounge room after a small fire was caused by rodents chewing on wiring in the roof cavity. He decides his next job is to fix that leaking shower base. He wasn’t prepared for what he found when he lifted the old shower base….. the flooring and wall cavity behind the shower was teaming with termites, the little buggers have made mud tubes up his concrete stumps and started devouring his home, “will it ever end” he bellows as he stomps out to the lounge in search of his phone to finally call us at GBS Pest Control. Now I have to explain that this particular day was the first of those uncomfortable, humid, sticky days of the year, and as he stormed into the carpeted lounge bare foot wearing shorts and a singlet, the vibrations of his angry stomping started a simultaneous hatching of hundreds of eggs containing hungry fleas who only had eyes for Fred. As he was frantically swatting at the feisty young fleas feeding on his feet, ankles and calves, he managed to get tangled in the hoses of the carpet cleaning unit he’d hired earlier that weekend, on falling over, he also managed to crack his head on the coffee table, as he slowly lost consciousness the last thing he saw was a huge trail of ants pouring out from behind the sparking powerpoint.

Footnote. We never got that call from Fred, although he did survive. Oh, and all his pest issues have been sorted, his house burnt down! Hopefully Fred will call Geelong Bellarine & Surfcoast Pest Control for advise during his rebuild. ;)