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Posted on August 31, 2015

Well it’s that time of year again;

We’re starting to notice webs building up around the house in areas such as the eaves, under guttering, window frames and even the occasional not so welcoming web as we walk through our doorways.


Spring is the perfect time for spider pest control in Geelong; a treatment will clean up any spiders existing in and around the home and also keep at bay any future invaders at this active time of year.


At GBS Pest Control a treatment generally starts (if access is available) with dusting of the roof cavity as this is a common breeding area.

We then treat all skirting boards and mist each of the rooms with Pyrethrin on the way out; this flushes out and kills any nasties that may be hiding behind or under furnishings.

Outside we concentrate on all walls, eaves, under guttering, window and doorframes along with any pergolas or covered deck areas.

Fence lines are also treated in suburban blocks.

Finally we dust underneath the home where possible, mainly because subfloors are another common breeding area for spiders.


All products we use are the most environmentally friendly premium quality products available at the time.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and warrant all spider control for 6 months from the day of treatment.

So if you’re looking for spider pest control in Geelong or any other kind of insect pest, look no further, Contact us now, the Geelong exterminators of all things creepy

Australias most famous and one of our most feared Spiders, The Red Back.

Australias most famous and one of our most feared Spiders, The Red Back.

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