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Geelong Termite Treatments and Inspections

Posted on September 24, 2015

One of the most common termite questions we are asked here at GBS Pest control is “how much damage can termites do over a given period of time?” Well the short answer is unless the termites in question are in a controlled lab type environment, there really is no accurate answer!

So many different factors can contribute to the amount of damage that can be done such as the colony age, termite numbers, the distance between the colony and the area of attack, even the time of year or weather conditions can play a part.

All these factors are usually a mystery due to the stealthy, concealed subterranean way termites operate.

So again, in short there is no accurate answer that covers any one situation.

What is clear and common knowledge throughout our industry is that an average of one in every five homes, risk being attacked during its lifetime.

It is hard to be sure of the accuracy of these figures because homeowners often try to hide the fact that termites, for fear of decreasing the value of their home, have attacked them.

It has in actual fact been suggested that as many as one out of every two homes is a more accurate figure.

Termite mud lead in a subfloor in Geelong.

Termite mud lead in a subfloor in Geelong.



Termites feeding on bait in a home in Geelong.

Termites feeding on bait in a home in Geelong.










It is a frightening thought but truth is, Termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods, storms and tempest, combined.

So rather than sitting back thinking it won’t happen to us, or we’re in Geelong, termite treatments or Inspections aren’t a necessity, think again, we carry out Geelong termite treatments on quite a regular basis.

Finding termites or their damage during our regular or pre purchase pest inspections is commonplace too, so don’t wait until it’s too late.

You wouldn’t skip on your home insurance would you? So with a possible termite attack to your home, it makes sense to have a termite management plan in place to protect your most valuable asset.  A termite management plan should consist of regular termite inspections (at least once annually) and best case, the installation of a termite management system.

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