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An ode from a Geelong Exterminator

Posted on November 27, 2015

A little poem from Geelong Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control


The weather has warmed, the Insect world’s woken

Their invasion of homes sometimes goes unspoken.

Hold your head high, keep it out of the sand

Give us a call and we’ll draw you a plan.


This Geelong exterminator knows what’s best

When it comes to dealing with your nasty pests.

From rodents to termites to a house full of fleas

We’ll rid you of these with the utmost of ease.


Your home will be treated as if it were ours

With quality products that wont just last hours.

Our warranties vary for each pest we treat

From three months to six months our promise we’ll meet.


Talk termites of course and our warranties vary

These timber pests can be pretty scary.

From framing to floorboards and door jambs alike

This wood eating insect often does strike.


Their sneaky invasions aren’t easily found

Because of their movement from under the ground.

They crawl up house stumps and over slab edges

Eating out homes and our budget ledgers.


So please don’t just wait for any pest to plunder

The home you have made in our land down under.

Contact us now and we’ll pop around

To make sure your home is all safe and sound.