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Our pests Geelong wide, don’t take Holidays.

Posted on December 19, 2015

As we kick back and relax over this holiday period, the pesky Insect world around us doesn’t slow down, in fact it revels in these warmer more humid conditions.

Termites love the humidity that this time of year provides, their colonising flights are quite common from trees, rotting logs retaining walls and worse case, from within our homes.

These flights of several thousand flying insects can be quite alarming inside a home, which often leads to homeowners self-treating with fly spray and the like.

By all means if this happens to you, use fly spray on the flying ants within your home but don’t attempt to treat the damaged timber from where they have exited. Contact a professional otherwise you may frighten them off only for them to appear in a different part of the home later. Also, the active area can be used as a baiting or monitoring point depending on the structure of the home.


Ants, spiders, and wasps are some pests Geelong folk deal with and they all thrive this time of year, so it pays to be on point when wandering around the property, jumping jack ants and bull ants have a nasty sting and these guys along with the European wasp can also lead to anaphylactic reactions to those allergic.

Video of Ants taking to bait stations.At the time of baiting there where merely a hundred or so ants present, this video was shot 5 minutes after starting the baiting procedure. Point Lonsdale Vic 18/12/15



Fleas are another biting insect that revel in the humidity, it always pays to keep your pets flea treatments up to scratch (pardon the pun) as a flea infestation does not take long to get a hold in these conditions, self treating rarely works effectively, but can give temporary relief.

In short, if any of these pests are getting on your nerves or affecting your daily lives, Contact us at GBS Pest Control today