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Geelong Bellarine and Surfcoast area termite inspections.

Posted on May 25, 2016

What’s involved in a Standard or Pre Purchase timber pest inspection?


Termite mud access point commonly known as a mud lead (Ocean Grove)

Protection against termites Geelong

coptotermes spp Termites

When a timber pest inspections is carried out, we are generally looking for Termites (white ants), Borers and fungal decay and all things conducive.

If the home being inspected is built on a suspended floor, a full inspection of this area takes place, visually inspecting and sounding timbers where possible. We pay close attention to the internal perimeter of the subfloor along with all stumps, brick piers, bearers, joists and flooring. We’re also always on the lookout for inadequate subfloor ventilation and presence of excessive moisture as well.

Internally, timbers such as skirting boards, timber cabinetry, door and window frames, paneling etc are sounded (tested) for termite damage.

GBS Pest Control: Termite Inspections

Sounding timbers during a Termite Inspection in Belmont.

A moisture meter is used on internal plaster walls searching for any possible moisture in the concealed timbers. Termites  bring moisture into the building to generate the high humidity they need in their environment to survive. If moisture is found, a microwave device called a Termatrac T3i is then used to ascertain whether any termite activity is present without having to opt for a more invasive approach, possibly scaring the termites off or damaging the property unnecessarily.

GBS Pest Control: Termite Inspections

Checking for moisture in a Geelong homes wall cavity during a Termite Inspection.

Termatrac Termite Inspection device

Termatrac picking up movement in mountain ash flooring in Anglesea

Moisture in walls can also come from faulty flashing or leaking plumbing in wet areas and is always noted on a pest inspection due simply to moistures conducive nature to termites.

If there is access to the roof cavity, an inspection of top plate framing timbers and roof trusses is carried out.

GBS Pest Control: Termite Inspections

Termite Inspection underway in a roof cavity in Geelong









Externally the inspection then depends on the structure of the building.

Conducive situations are always pointed out on the report along with a recommendation of rectification by a licensed tradesperson.

Some common examples are

  • Gardens against the home
  • Non treated sleepers or landscaping timbers used in the garden.
  • Stored timber or firewood under or beside the home
  • Moisture close to foundations from air conditioners and hot water service overflows.
  • Non treated timber in soil contact.
  • Bridging or breaching of existing termite barriers.
  • Fungal decay.

And the list goes on!

Regardless of wether a home is a year or a hundred years old, there will always be something conducive to termite activity that will be picked up and reported on.

A termite inspection in Geelong or anywhere for that matter is a wise investment, don’t wait til it’s too late, Contact us now!