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Pest control services Geelong

Posted on June 23, 2016

What to expect from our pest treatments.


First and foremost we listen to your problem and concerns in relation to the pest in question.

From this, we will offer a solution to manage the problem, whether it be  spiders, ants, wasps, fleas, Carpet beetle or even rodents.


One person’s households’ issues are different to the next ones, so we generally assess your situation and act accordingly using the most environmentally friendly management process available.

We also work around your busy schedule.


Before we attend your property, you will receive an email underlining what we will be doing, in simple easy to understand terms, explaining where we treat, what we use and what you can do before and after treatment along with a few do’s and don’ts relating to after treatment procedures.

On the day, you will also be given recommendations relevant to your situation to help keep your pest problems to a minimum.

GBS Pest Control is owned and operated by Shane Miller, so from the first call to the last bug you deal with the same person. Shane has been in the Industry since the late 80’s, learning the trade through a medium size family owned and operated business in Melbourne, Shield Pest Control.

Since then Shane has owned and run Mansfield Pest Control in North East Victoria, for 15 years until moving to Geelong and starting Geelong Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control three years ago.

So if you’re looking for pest control services in Geelong, look no further!

Don’t allow pests to take a hold of your home and risk your families’ health and wellbeing, contact Geelong Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control now.