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Geelong termite attacks are preventable.

Posted on September 29, 2016
Prevention is better than cure!

Building a new home? Does your building permit say you are not in a declared termite zone and termite management is not required?


Victoria is Australia’s only state apart from Tasmania that has ‘Undeclared’ termite areas even though pest controllers are treating infestations in these areas on a regular basis. This means in certain areas of Geelong, Bellarine and the Surfcoast you will have no notification there are possibly termites around, increasing the risk of termite ingress to your most valuable asset.

Termites have been a part of our natural environment since our early settlement and well before. As our population grows, they have, and will become, more and more of a hazard in our area. Many homes including possibly yours are open to attack due mainly to ignorance.

Building in undeclared areas can give the owner/builder, a false sense of security that there are no termites around at all, ask any pest controller in this area if they have treated termites in an undeclared area and you will get the same answer…YES!

Pre-construction termite management is definitely an extra cost that can easily be cut from the budget when crunching numbers during a build, but not one recommended.

The risk of termite ingress in the future is a reality and may hit your hip pocket tenfold in damage repairs and treatment if it does happen. Therefore regardless of whether the building has been treated or not, annual timber pest inspections are highly recommended.



Termite mud access point commonly known as a mud lead (Ocean Grove)

Kordon Pre construction termite management installation to a suspended floor in Anglesea.

Kordon Pre-construction termite management installation to a suspended floor in Anglesea.













Already built? Termite management can still be undertaken. At bare minimum we highly recommend annual timber pest inspections be carried out to detect any early signs of infestation.

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