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Geelong pest control services pushed to the limit.

Posted on January 23, 2017

The tropical weather we have experienced over the spring and summer months this year have kept most pest controllers in the district and Victoria wide on their toes.

Online pest control forums have had Pesties far and wide exclaiming how busy they have become due to the constant perfect breeding conditions of late, along with the rise in customer call-backs.

Generally we start the season with a bit of rain and then a long hot dry, this year however, we have been bombarded constantly with rain and heat, rain then heat, this constant combination inevitably produces humidity, something the insect world thrives on!

Constant humidity gives many insects such as spiders, ants, termites and cockroaches a longer window of opportunity to breed.


One thing we have noticed here whilst conducting Geelong pest control services this season is the unusual amount of call-backs or service calls we have received.

This is something we initially weren’t happy with as we pride ourselves on our thorough treatments and rare complaints, but rather than making excuses, we honour our warranties and book in our follow up warranty treatment as soon as practical for all concerned.

Unlike Spiderman and Superman, we are not superheroes in the pest control game, there are many variables that can and do affect any type of pest control.

What we offer is control, not total eradication, we cant place a force field around your home to keep all manner of insects out, after all, that would put us all out of business!

If you’re after quality pest control with a well backed warranty, Contact us now, let us get on top of them before they get on top of you!