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Spring to action Geelong, keep your pest population under control

Posted on October 4, 2017

Spring is a time for freshening up, and for lots of us, a time to do things around the house we’ve been putting off over winter.

Spring is an opportunity to tidy up and get rid of unnecessary clutter.

When you clean up, it can be the perfect time to pay attention to possible problem areas that may prevent pests from invading your home.

So here’s a few insect and rodent prevention tips to help you this spring and summer.

Disease carrying rodents leave droppings and urine trails throughout their travels. A roof cavity in Ocean Grove


  1. Avoid pooling water

Mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants and most insect pests are attracted to moisture.

So inside your home, keep kitchen benches and bathroom vanities free from water with a quick wipe after use.

Insects, like spiders, silverfish, and ants are known to find their way in your home through plumbing or service pipes.

Make sure you don’t have any faulty taps or plumbing that could cause water to collect.

Outside, keep an eye out for anything that may hold water for any period of time as these are perfect breeding and feeding areas for many insects, especially mosquitoes.

Ant baiting, a very effective way to acheive colony control

  1. Food storage.

Storing food in cardboard boxes or loose plastic packets just wont cut it. Sealable plastic containers are always the best option when storing your food.

Items like dry pet food, pasta or grain can be an open invitation for pests to invade and contaminate our food supplies


  1. Inspect all your rooms

Keep an eye on rooms or areas that aren’t visited often, like spare rooms, closets, and underneath your beds. All these undisturbed areas are perfect for the likes of silverfish, carpet beetles, or moths to hang out. Keep an eye out for egg sacs, spider webs, or holes in your stored clothing; these are sure indications of a pest issue.

The more clutter we have in our homes, the more harbourage areas we provide for pests.

Keep stored goods internally and externally at a minimum.


  1. Seal cracks or holes

Keep an eye out for places where pests can enter your home. Our homes are filled with all the things that pests need to thrive, shelter, warmth, food and water.

So sealing any noted entry points such as external service pipes through walls, rodent proof strips under doors and sealing any holes in walls to name a few, will always make a difference.

This alone won’t prevent or eliminate all your pest issues, but will go a long way to making a difference.

Following these tips along with one of our Surfcoast, Bellarine or Geelong pest control services relevant to your issue, will make for a more pest free environment in and around your home, so Contact us now for a no obligation free quote.