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Ants pest control, Geelong

Do you have a problem with ants? Ants thrive in Australian conditions and can cause considerable damage.

Black ants

The black house ant is shining black and 2-3mm long. Nests are normally in the ground, under bark or decaying timber, in cracks in cement, lawns and open areas. Indoors, the little black ant can be located in wooden items as well as in walls and junction between the carpet and walls. They move in well-defined trails, which may extend over long distances and go up into shrubs and trees. Black ants can nest in roof or wall spaces, and also track across ceilings, beams and joists, and are most active in the summer months.

When a black ant colony moves indoors, their infestations can become problematic. Black ants eat sweet foods, which is why you will often find them trailing up and around the honey jar in the pantry or a packet of biscuits.

Ant control is a common issue for Australian home and gardens, and killing ants is best carried out by professionals. Here at Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control our pest control expert provides the most effective treatment of black ant infestations.

To control an infestation properly and reduce the chances that the colony can return, it is important to contact Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control to rid your home of these damaging insects and we will ensure that appropriate ant repellent or non-repellent helps keeps them away. Non-repellents are treatments which ants walk over and take back to the nest.

Bull ants and jumping jacks

Bull ants are an ant to be wary of – and for good reason. They’re big, they have a toxic sting, outstanding eyesight and they’ll chase you if they’re angry enough. Bull ants are the kings of the Australian ant world, in size at least, and any bushwalker or camper who’s had an encounter with one will tell you they’re particularly aggressive, particularly if defending a nest, which is why you really don’t want them building their nests around your home.

Its over-sized mandibles and hot temper give the bull ant its name, but it’s the ant’s sting that leaves the most lasting impression. Surprisingly, it’s not those big mandibles that inflict the bite, rather a sting in the abdomen, and the bull ant can sting repeatedly. There are almost 100 species of bull ants in Australia.

Jumping jacks, or jack jumper ants, are a species of bull ant and get their name because they tend to jump when disturbed. Like bull ants, they have large mandibles and a toxic sting which can cause anaphylaxis in people susceptible to their venom. Jumping jacks are another ant you don’t want near your home. If you have a problem with jumping jacks or bull ants, then you need to call in Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control to help control the infestation.

Red ants

Red ants are also known as “fire ants”, and they are an imported ant that poses a serious threat to our environment. Their bite inflicts a painful and burning sting on both humans and animals. Currently Victoria has a low risk of infestation of fire ants, however you should always be vigilant about any new pests that arrive in or around your home.

The red imported fire ant is very similar to several local ant species. They are:

  • Small, 2-6mm long
  • Reddish-brown with a dark-brown rear segment
  • Very aggressive
  • Agitated when disturbed
  • Inflict a fiery sting causing blistering and sometimes an allergic reaction.

Common ants in Victoria are not so aggressive and will usually run away from disturbances.

If you suspect you have red fire ants on your property, contact us immediately for urgent ant pest control. Red fire ants are also a notifiable pest species and, if found, you must contact your local Department of Primary Industries.

Ant pest control

Between pest inspections and to limit ant infestations you should:

  • Rinse and remove all food containers before disposal
  • Clean all surfaces, particularly for food containing sugar
  • Tightly seal containers
  • Clean pet areas and use water moats around pet food
  • Keep areas dry by eliminating standing water, fix leaking taps and increase ventilation
  • Elevate plant pots and eradicate aphids
  • Seal concrete paving joints
  • Fill joints, cracks, crevices and electrical pipe conduit entry points
  • Install weather strips on doors
  • Remove trees and shrubs from touching the house, and remove rotting wood
  • Refrain from stacking objects against the house.

At Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control, our experienced ant exterminator understands the habits of each species of ant and uses that knowledge when developing a control program for your home or business. Treatments are targeted to the specific ant species found, which will quickly solve your problem plus ensure the safety of your family and pets.

At Geelong, Bellarine Surfcoast Pest Control, the person who takes your inquiry is the only person you’ll deal with, from that first call right through to until the last bug is gone. Contact us today if you have a problem with ants or any other pest such as cockroaches, fleas, mice, termites and more.