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Spider pest control services, Geelong

Thankfully, most species of spiders found in Australia are not considered dangerous and rarely bite. However, they can be a nuisance and an annoyance if not treated quickly and effectively. And although they are beneficial to our environment, many people do have an inherent fear of spiders. Known as arachnophobia, the condition causes feelings of uneasiness at the mere sight of spiders, and can lead to excessive sweating, crying and panic attacks. Our expert service for spider control is the best solution to the problem.

Pest control of spiders is challenging. Spiders are an important part of our eco-system as they help to keep other insect populations such as flies and mosquitos under control, and as a result a balance needs to be achieved when attempting to rid yourself of this particular pest.

The methods used by Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control is entirely dependent upon the type of spider that we have identified. Spiders can be split into two groups:

  1. Crawling or hunting spiders
  2. Webbing spiders.

Crawling or hunting spiders

These spiders are not found on webs but commonly make their home under leaves or bark and in general garden areas. Unlike webbing spiders, they hunt down or ambush their prey.

Control of crawling or hunting spiders is often limited to removal or elimination of each individual spider by direct contact with a pesticide. Unless the species is considered dangerous, the best method of dealing with these spiders is moving them back to their habitat outside.

Webbing spiders

The webbing spiders produce silk which they depend on for their movement, web building and to trap their prey for food. Successful webbing spider eradication requires locating all of their harbourage areas and correctly applying control agents. We use the following methods of treatment:

  • Treat all external infested and adjacent areas with low-hazard liquid control agents
  • Treatment of all cracks and crevices with liquid control agent
  • Dusting of cracks, crevices and cavities with a long-lasting low-hazard control agent.

Large numbers of spiders may indicate the presence of other pests which the spiders prey on. It is best to contact us for a pest inspection where we can advise you of any other pest issues that we may uncover at your home or business, such as wasps, bees and flies and other crawling insects.

Pest control for redback spiders

Redback spiders are not aggressive and rarely leave the web. However, caution is advised as the bite of the female spider is poisonous and potentially fatal for children or the elderly. Thankfully, an antivenene is available and very effective. In fact, since the existence of an antivenene there have been no deaths due to redback bites. We would still advise organising redback spider control if you have them on your property.

Successful redback spider control will rely on a good inspection. They are commonly found living in close proximity to human habitation and tend to favour the outdoors. The female spider constructs a strong, untidy web close to the ground and she will usually be hiding in a sheltered area at the top to wait for insects or small lizards to stumble into her web. They like to build their webs in dry places around buildings, under outdoor furniture, pot plants, children’s toys, and in sheds and garages. Like all webbing spiders, redback spider eradication relies on direct contact with the spider or its web. The first step we take is to seek out all areas externally, including roof spaces and wall cavities. The female spider only needs to mate once, after which she can produce eggs for up to two years. As she can lay new batches of eggs every three or so weeks, it is vital for effective spider pest control that all spiders living around the home are treated properly.

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