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End-of-lease pest control in Geelong

Renting or leasing a property can be a headache for pet owners who need to find landlords willing to accept tenants with dogs, cats, rabbits and whatever other pets take their fancy. Some landlords are against pets because they worry about the damage animals can cause to their properties, other landlords worry about the not-so-obvious problems pets can bring.

One of the most┬ácommon hidden pest problems associated with pets, particularly cats and dogs, is fleas. Fleas on your cat or dog can easily set up home in the carpet of a rented property, meaning the biting insects remain in the property long after the tenant and their four-legged companion have departed. No landlord wants to have to deal with complaints about fleas and other pest control problems in their Geelong and district properties and that’s why a close inspection of a lease agreement will probably reveal it has a pest control inspection clause. That clause means that if pets have left behind unwanted friends, the cost of removing them comes out of the offending tenant’s pocket.

If you’re an unlucky pet owner who has to rid your former accommodation of fleas or other pests, or you’re a landlord cleaning up after a former renter, GBS Pest Control provides the pest control services Geelong and surrounds relies on for prompt and professional pest removal.

Contact us at Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control and let us help you with any end of lease pest control you require, or for pest control of spiders, ants, cockroaches and more.