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Mice pest control, Geelong

Mice infestations can cause considerable damage to infested buildings and local agriculture. These rodents are known carriers of many diseases through their droppings and are a proven health hazard to humans.

There are steps you can take to help repel mice both before and after our mouse exterminators have done their work:

  • Ensure all food that is not in a can or a jar is stored in the refrigerator or a heavy plastic container for at least two weeks after our visit
  • Repair any holes in walls, around skirting boards or doors that don’t seal properly as mice can enter through gaps as small as 0.5 cm – a simple but effective mice deterrent
  • Remove all items from on top of the fridge and underneath the kitchen sink as we will need access to these areas
  • Keep a note of all areas where you have seen mice or evidence of mice
  • Remember not to touch or disturb any baits or traps
  • For ongoing control, clean, sweep and vacuum your home or business regularly. Take out the rubbish on a regular basis, keep lids on bins, and keep area as clean as possible

Like all rodents, mice live in unsanitary places such as drains, underneath floors and in areas where there is food present. Although considered less objectionable than rats, possibly due to their size, mice are more common and cause significantly more damage. They are prolific breeders, producing six to 10 litters continuously throughout the year.

Baiting is generally the best method of control where there is a mouse infestation. The bait stations are placed in dark, protected areas, with all other food sources removed.

For professional mice extermination, contact us at Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control. We know how to control and kill mice using the most environmentally-friendly control products available and we guarantee that the person who handles your inquiry is the person you’ll deal with, from first call right through until the last pest is gone.