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Rat pest control, Geelong

Like all rodents, the ideal habitat for rats is where there is a proliferation of and easy-access to vegetation, food and water. Rats are destructive and can spread disease, and are most active at night. If you see rats during the day, you can be assured their numbers are high, food is in short supply and it is likely that you have a rat infestation.

Apart from tell-tale droppings and noises in the walls, the presence of rats may be indicated by signs of gnawing needed to control the growth of their teeth, oil smear from their coats along walls used for guidance due to their poor eyesight, burrows and worn tracks in overgrown areas of the garden. What many people fail to realise is that rats present a fire risk because they can chew through electrical wires in roof cavities, sparking a blaze.

There are two pest species of rats commonly found in domestic and commercial premises. These are the brown (sewer) rat and the black (roof) rat. It is essential when getting rid of rats to correctly identify each species to formulate effective rodent removal from your property.

For expert rat extermination, contact Shane Miller at Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control. Shane also provides professional pest control where you have problems with spiders, termites, cockroaches and other crawling insects and use only the most environmentally-friendly products available.