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Termite Control, Geelong

There are two main kinds of termites that infest homes in Geelong and district: subterranean termites and dampwood termites. The kind of termite which is invading a home or business will depend on the location and climate of the area. Dampwood termites prefer damp conditions, while subterranean termites live in the ground and bore into the structure from below. The preferred method of extermination for the dampwood variety is removing the moisture that’s creating their habitat, but they can require chemical control. Subterranean termites need additional steps to provide a barrier between the ground and the structure to prevent re-infestation.

You may not realise termites are causing damage to your home until the structure has been significantly or permanently damaged. However there are several signs of termite infestation that every owner should know.

Subterranean termites

Mud tubes: Subterranean termites build mud tubes above ground so termite workers can travel inside the protected structure when foraging between the infested wood and their nest.

Wood damage: These termites only like to eat soft wood fibre, meaning they will eat along the wood grain rather than across it. The damage is very easy to identify because the damaged wood will only have the grain left behind.

Dampwood termites

Frass (termite droppings): As dampwood termites eat their way through wood, they produce frass, or wood-coloured droppings that can be found in little piles beneath the infested wood.

Wood damage: Damage is usually centred on dead or dying trees and stumps, fenceposts, poles and off-cuts of timber left on the ground for extended periods. They can be a problem in weatherboard buildings where the wood touches the ground and there is poor ventilation under the building

Both subterranean and dampwood termites

Swarmers: Winged termite swarmers may emerge inside or outside your home, and a swarm is often the first visible sign of a termite infestation.

Discarded wings: Swarmers break off their wings shortly after they land on the ground, and these wings can often be found on windowsills, floors or in spider webs.

Interception and baiting system

We use the Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System, which is the only termite treatment that creates a complete termite interception zone around your home and is the world’s number one termite control and protection system.

Exterra in-ground stations are placed around you property, in the ground or under the concrete, to intercept termites. Where termites are already in your home, we use the Termatrac T3i to ascertain where the optimum place to put an Exterra above-ground station is, usually in a highly active area only detected accurately by this amazing device. Once intercepted, Requiem termite bait is added without disturbing the termites. For the above-ground station, the termite bait is placed in the safe and sealed station. Requiem bait is highly palatable to termites, and they readily consume it in preference to timber. The bait is also non-toxic to you and your pets.

The termites feed on the Requiem bait and take it back to the colony where it is fed slowly throughout the entire colony, ensuring its elimination.

Once the colony is eliminated, any remaining bait is removed. Fresh interceptors are place in the in-ground stations and the above-ground station is removed. To protect your home against the constant threat from new termite colonies or other established colonies, the Exterra system works on an ongoing process of monitoring, baiting and eliminating, providing you with peace of mind.

The Exterra system is the only baiting system backed by a manufacturer’s $100,000 Timber Replacement Warranty. Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control is an accredited Exterra termite interception and baiting system installer. The photographs below show the Exterra baiting system at work, inside and outside.

For expert termite control, rely on the professional pest exterminators at Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast Pest Control. We know how to kill termites but we only only the most environmentally-friendly products that are available on the market today, specifically branded, non-generic products from leading companies such as Bayer, Exterra and FMC.

And rest assured, business owner Shane Miller is the only person you’ll be dealing with, from the first phone call, right through to the very last bug.

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